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“Experienced Archers wishing to join IFAC”

Experienced archers are always welcome to join.  If you are not sure about participating in field archery why not contact us to arrange a trial visit to the field archery course.  Bring your archery kit and, escorted by one of our coaches or experienced archer from our club committee, give it a go before making up your mind.  With the exception of a few days for maintenance, competitions etc, the field archery course and practice areas are open all year round to club members (Covid rules permitting).


Experienced “field” archers from an IFAA affiliated National Governing Body (NGB), and have a valid classification score card (with classification entries), will normally only require a course familiarisation visit escorted by a member of our coaching team or an experienced archer from our club’s executive committee.


Experienced archers from a non IFAA affiliated organisation will be provided with an induction briefing and assessment that will be conducted by a member of our coaching team.  As well as a familiarisation of the club’s field archery course the induction will provide basic instruction with regard to the IFAA Rules of shooting, safety on the field course, and assess the individual’s archery ability.  The objective of this practical session is to support the safe use of the archery course and to help new members integrate to the Inverness club and IFAA field archery.


The club has a team of IFAA/SFAA qualified archery coaches.  All of our coaches are members of the SFAA, have undergone Disclosure Scotland checks, and are PVG registered (Protection of Vulnerable Groups).  The coaches are there to support the club’s activities, help develop our club archers, and in particular to welcome and train “Beginners” in the sport of field archery.

For general enquiries to the club, please email: 

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“Beginner’s Course”


Each year the club’s coaches organise and conduct a number of “Beginner’s” and “Improver’s” courses.  The initial training is conducted indoors, mainly during the winter period followed by induction to the field archery course.  As well as adults the club generally accepts beginners from the age of 12 years (with a participating adult mainly due to transport requirements).  Note that children under the age of 16 must be accompanied to each session by a parent, guardian or other responsible adult.


The initial “Beginner’s” course is one evening session a week for 5 weeks and the cost of the course is fully inclusive of hall fees and use of club equipment.  The price also includes each participant being provided with their own arm guard and finger tab.  At the end of the 5 week basic course each participant must decide if they wish to continue with the sport and join the archery club.  If they do there then follows another 5 weeks “Improver’s” course that includes integration to the field archery course.


The course will teach you the basics fundamentals of shooting safely, and include 5 sessions of tuition from one of our qualified archery coaches. You will learn the basic techniques of shooting and scoring and be able to shoot arrows into a target at 20 yards’. Archers will learn: –

  • Set up and take down a recurve bow

  • Types of Bows and their components

  • Archers equipment finger tab, guards etc.

  • Adopt an appropriate stance for shooting

  • Nock an arrow onto the bow string correctly

  • Correct body posture

  • Execute a basic draw and release

  • Pull arrows from a target safely and correctly

  • Rules of shooting safely and club Rules

  • Adjust a bow sight to compensate for shooting distance and horizontal adjustment

  • Safely setup the Target bosses etc


After completing the course coaches will be available to help further your archery development.


"Beginner’s Courses”

The new year January 2022 sees the start of a new season of Courses. Anyone wishing to 'have a go' see below:-


THURSDAY EVENINGS - from January 2022



TIME 7:00pm until 9:30pm


Each “Beginner’s Course” is limited to 8 students and there is normally a reasonable demand for places.  To register for the next course or for more information on coaching please contact our coaching staff by email: 

Please also provide a contact telephone number