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Established in 1986

Inverness Field Archery Club (IFAC) exists to foster Archery as a sport. The club is primarily a Field Archery club but will welcome archers who only wish to shoot indoors. To enable this, facilities are now in place for year-round indoor shooting, currently at Culloden Academy.

IFAC is affiliated to the Scottish Field Archery Association (SFAA) rather than Archery GB.

Our field archery course is open year-round and comprises 28 targets (two sets of 14).  It is constructed to International Field Archery Association (IFAA) rules at marked distances from 20 feet to 80 yards. Unmarked distance 3D targets are also in place for use by any archer. There are 9 practice butts available covering all distances required. During the winter (pre-Covid) the club participates in the British Postal League "Frostbite" competition shot at 30 metres outdoors. Also the "Portsmouth" competition shot at 20 yards indoors.

All bows and shooting styles recognised by the IFAA are promoted within the club. Crossbows are however not permitted.  IFAC has a team of SFAA qualified Coaches to train and coach members new and old. 

Prior to Covid, monthly summer club shoots took place at the course. This allowed club members to meet up and socialise. It also allowed for a summer handicap classification to be shot. Winter handicaps are calculated from the Portsmouth shoot. The main classification shoot is the Highland Open, held over two days. Additional classification shoots are sometimes held at the course for the benefit of members who will require classification to advance their shooting in competitions.

All information regarding contact with the club can be found under the ‘joining us’ or ‘contact us’ tabs.


Achagour course

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