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The Inverness Club was founded in 1986 and has a regular membership of over 50 archers.  Field archery is often likened to playing golf with a bow and arrow.  Our field course is located in natural woodland at Achagour, Nr Ardclach. This consists of 28 targets ranging in distance from 20ft to 80 yards.  Members are able to shoot 365 days a year (weather permitting).  They can use modern Recurve or Compound bows or more traditional Long-bows and a selection of wooden, aluminium or carbon shafted arrows. (CROSS-BOWS ARE NOT ALLOWED).


In the old days the bow and arrow were used to hunt for food or for war, today's archers shoot for fun and relaxation. The club holds several competitions a year, as do most other clubs.  Today hunting in the UK is strictly illegal!


The club accepts members from the age of 12 years (with a participating adult). Experienced archers are always welcome to join.  Beginners can use club equipment at classes held during the winter months, usually starting September and December, in the sports hall at Smithton Free Church. Winter training sessions are held indoors at Kirkhill Community Hall. Shooting can take place all year round at the Achagour Field Course for trained archers.

Our next induction date will be advised. This is normally held at the Smithton Free Church on a Tuesday at 1930.

For more information please contact the club using the contacts page on the website or by email to

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